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FAQ's V-TurboPack

What is a V-Turbo Pack?

A V-Turbo Pack is to participate in the auction sales, and the generated traffic, and the resulting advertising revenue of all websites on VicciiWorld.

You are experiencing everyday 48 times from all the activities around VicciiWorld.

What does a V-turbo pack?

A V-turbo pack costs € 100, -. For the start you need at least 5 piece V-turbo package for € 500, -. Thereafter, the V-Turbo Packs are available separately.

How many V-Turbopacks I can buy the same time?

The number of V-Turbopacks is currently no limited.

How much can I earn with a V-Turbo Pack?

The surrender value is always € 130, -. This amount you earn 48 times a day, paid pro rata. After a period of 3-5 months you have received the entire amount, and the V-Turbo Pack expires worthless.

Can I buy the daily income new V-Turbo Packs?

You can use your income and commissions always buy new turbo V-packs, and therefore even better benefit from the V-Turbo Packs.

Can I withdraw the proceeds of the V-Turbo packs a day?

You can pay the returns and commissions from the V-Turbo packs a day, and can be transferred to your VicciiPay Mastercard.

Can I request payment on my bank account?

No, all payments are made on the VicciiPay Mastercard. You can obtain the www.vicciiworld.com or www.vicciipay.com

Do I still have something to do after buying the V-Turbo Packs?

Yes, you need to consume 6 ads daily after activate your pack. You can also within one month, € 300, - expand to 3 other partners make sales on the websites of VicciiWorld, or your business, so you need to consume any advertising for 30 days.

These conditions can also fulfill distributed. For example: € 100, - sales plus 2 new partners.

Can I cancel my V-Turbopacks too?

You can not cancel your V-turbo packs during the term. If you not purchase any more packets, the account will dissolve by itself.

If this results in additional costs for me?

No, this does not create additional costs.

I also have a risk or I may sustain a loss?

As in all business activities, the risk of loss can not be ruled out here. Accordingly, you should invest according to your economic situation. Please also read the Risk Disclosure on the website of VicciiWorld.

Is the term of the Turbo Packs always 3 to 5 months?

The running times given are for guidance only and are not eligible for accuracy. The term of the Turbopacks results from the actual sales of all websites Vicciiworld, as well as the resulting advertising revenue. This can lead to various maturities. Information on the running times can be made only on the basis of lessons learned, the underlying calculation, and without warranty.

Can I make a contribution to the success of the V-turbo packs itself?

Yes, you can even by selling products to friends and relatives, or by the expansion of the distribution network, increase the income of VicciiWorld, and so support the project.

I am next to consume the Advertise to other services committed?

No, they are obliged to any further benefits. You decide how active you are participating in V-Turbo Pack.

Will I receive commissions for recommending the V-Turbo Packs to friends, relatives and acquaintances?

You earn commissions according to the advertisers and affiliate program on Vicciiworld.

Is there a minimum age for participation in V-Turbo Pack?

The minimum age for participation in V-Turbo Pack is 18 years

INFORMATION!!! Currently all accounts are settled. This work will be completed by 15.05.2018. Further information will be provided after completion. YOU CAN ALSO LOGIN WITH YOUR ACCESS DATA! Team Viccii