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How does the new V-Turbo Pack?

Through the participation in the sale transactions, and the generated traffic, and the resulting advertising revenue of all websites on VicciiWorld, the new V-Turbo Pack offers the unique opportunity to build a lasting and high income.

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How does it work V-Turbo Pack!

  • One or acquire several V-Turbo Pack on the website of Vicciiworld (Retail price is currently € 100, -). For the first purchase a minimum quantity of 1 piece applies.
  • Payment of the ordered V-Turbo Pack by bank transfer, or by credit on the internal VicciiWorld clearing account.
  • After 30 days, the acquired V-Turbo Packs are enabled, and 48 times a day, booked the pro rata income on the internal billing account. The income can be used for the purchase of new V-Turbo packs, or can be requested for payout.
  • Until you activate after 30 days does not have to be clicked.

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To keep the V-Turbo Pack account active:

  • Must be consumed daily within 24 hours 6 advertisements by clicking. These advertisements are displayed on the website of Vicciiworld.
  • ** Or it may alternatively, registered three new partners for the project V-Turbo Pack on VicciiWorld, and activated.
  • ** Or it can be a self revenues of € 300, - will be made through the purchase of products or services on the websites of Vicciiworld.
  • The V-Turbo Pack sales are added to the natural turnover NOT.

**Achieved a partner qualification by registering three new partners, or through own sales, he is exempt from the requirement of daily consume of advertisements in the following month.

The qualification is valid for the following month. Higher sales or more registrations in a month, can not be credited for more months.

After activation of the V-Turbo Pack accounts, it is also possible to kreiren own advertising windows and publish on the advertising platform of VicciiWorld and thus make their own messages to all other partners of VicciiWorld accessible.

After reaching the sales price in the amount of currently € 130, - through the daily assignments, the V-Turbo Packs expire worthless, and there are no other claims.

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Advertisers and 6 levels Affiliate Program

  • Through the Advertiser and 6 levels affiliate program is accelerated this development and thus can quickly reach all the goals and long-term existence can be established
  • For purchases and re-buys of V-Turbo Packs, 10% commission Advertiser and the 6 flat Affiliate commission will be paid in accordance with the marketing plan immediately after receipt of payment of the package price.
  • The commissions are available immediately upon receipt of payment on the internal clearing account of Vicciiworld available. and can be used for the purchase of new V-Turbo packs, or can be requested for payout.
  • Payments will be made just on the VicciiPay Mastercard.
  • After seven working days the amount on the VicciiPay MasterCard is posted.

INFORMATION!!! Currently all accounts are settled. This work will be completed by 15.05.2018. Further information will be provided after completion. YOU CAN ALSO LOGIN WITH YOUR ACCESS DATA! Team Viccii