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About Us

Eelsa Limited is a Cypriot company registered in September 2013 and based in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The company developed a project named VicciiWorld, which the idea behind of the project was to please every single individual, and offer to our clients a variety of different high quality products from which they will also profit.

The companies aim is to connect people and offer them the opportunity to consume and purchase alternative health products, solutions and precautions for cancer patients connecting business partners without a language barrier due to our excellent translation system we offer and even purchase electronics, ebikes,clothing and alternative health products for animals.

The project will grow and expand throughout time offering always the best opportunities for each individual, the highest quality products and pleasing our clients since it is very important for us to keep the standards of our after service and support high.

INFORMATION!!! Currently all accounts are settled. This work will be completed by 15.05.2018. Further information will be provided after completion. YOU CAN ALSO LOGIN WITH YOUR ACCESS DATA! Team Viccii