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VicciiWorld - Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program 6 levels of "VicciiWorld"!

Profit from all the activities of your partner on VicciiWorld a lifetime!

  1. You will receive for each direct placement of a new partner the Advertiser bonus of 10% of the sales price!

  2. +

  3. You receive commissions from all purchases and paid services of your partner, to the 6 level on the displayed web pages of "VicciiWorld"

    Example: Someone purchased a VicciEBIKE Premium over your advertising link - sale price 2199.- / Margin 390.-
    You recieve 219,90 (10%) Advertiser Bonus + 25% of the margin (1. level) Affiliate Bonus 97,50 = € 317,40

Level 1 25%
Level 2 20%
Level 3 10%
Level 4 10%
Level 5 15%
Level 6 20%

Purchase today for the including VicciiPay Mater Card and start today your successful business with VicciiWorld!

  • No monthly qualifications are necessary. You get what you deserve and without restrictions!
  • Provisions credits made ??immediately after the purchase by one of your partners and the confirmed receipt of payment.
  • You can always see your balance in your Web Back Office "VicciiWorld" and can be transferred to your "VicciiPay" card.
  • For this purpose, there is no limit but we recommend only after an amount of € 25, - a transaction from your web back office to your "VicciiPay" card to apply for.
  • For non-paid Purchases, Services, or when purchasing cancellation, no commissions are calculated and paid.
  • When rescission of a purchase already made , commissions paid are already charged back , and debit your account in your web back office with this amount.
  • It can only be used by " VicciiWorld " provided marketing tools for advertising.
  • Own promotional materials are to be made before use, the support of "VicciiWorld" before.

Viccii Business
  • Includes all the features of the " ViciiPay " card as described there.
  • If you have already purchased the " Viccii Card " package, you can always go to this package ( Viccii Business ) upgrade . For this is the extra charge € 100, -
  • With " VicciiBusiness " You are entitled to use the entire range of " VicciiWorld " for themselves , distribute, and to receive commission in accordance with the Level 6 affiliate commission plan.
  • The potential for sales commissions, you can see " affiliate program " on the website of " VicciiWorld " read .
  • You will also participate in the bonus program " Fast Start Bonus " and " Viccii Mobile " .

INFORMATION!!! Currently all accounts are settled. This work will be completed by 15.05.2018. Further information will be provided after completion. YOU CAN ALSO LOGIN WITH YOUR ACCESS DATA! Team Viccii