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Viccii Card

With this package you will receive a " VicciiPay " card . You can receive commissions , and even pay money one . You can use the " VicciiPay " card for Internet purchases use of more than 1 million ATM 's resolve money and pay for your purchases in all stores which accept MasterCard .

You can apply for an unlimited number of partner cards for your family members , customers, or gift certificates.

You can create virtual credit cards.

In a few weeks you will also get your own IBAN Code , to carry out international transfers can . You can then similar to an online account to use your card account , and also set up standing orders .

After the successful introduction , you can also use all credit cards directly and real-time , pay on your card account.

Also, you will be able to accept payments with your mobile phone credit cards.

For the distribution of " VicciiPay " cards, they can NOT receive commissions. To do this, select one of the business packages of " VicciiWorld " .

INFORMATION!!! Currently all accounts are settled. This work will be completed by 15.05.2018. Further information will be provided after completion. YOU CAN ALSO LOGIN WITH YOUR ACCESS DATA! Team Viccii