Welcome to VicciWorld


What is “VicciiWorld”?

“VicciiWorld” is a platform containing various websites from various subject areas, which aims to connect people all over the world without any language barriers, both in private and in business life. It informs people about alternative health products and offers the possibility of a successful, profitable and long-term income.

What can I do with a Business Package from “VicciiWorld”?

You have the opportunity to work successfully as an entrepreneur within the circle of the “VicciiWorld” family. You can offer this opportunity to your friends, acquaintances and relatives and thus give others the possibility of becoming successful with “VicciiWorld”.

Is the monthly fee of €30 or €40 deducted directly from my credit?

You can pay the monthly fee from your credit from the commissions – you can issue the order for this in your Web Back Office.

Can I upgrade to a higher-quality package with the commission I gain?

Yes, you can make any purchases within “VicciiWorld” with your credit, as well as pay for an upgrade.

In which countries can I distribute “VicciiWorld”?

You can distribute the “VicciiWorld” offer in all countries in the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In a few weeks or months, you will be able to offer it worldwide.

Can the “VicciiWorld” offer be advertised in the style of an affiliate programme?

Yes, you can use all available and known distribution methods.

When does the 30 day Fast Start Bonus run from?

After successfully registering and activating your “VicciiWorld” account.

Can I purchase multiple Business Packages?

You can purchase as many Business Packages as you like. However, the “Viccii Card” package must only be paid for once.

What is the “VicciiWorld” Infinity Pool?

In the “VicciiWorld” Infinity Pool you will profit proportionally from the global revenue of “VicciiWorld” to an infinite amount based on the chosen package. Participation in the “VicciiWorld” Infinity Pool is limited – this limitation is published on the “VicciiWorld” website.

When will the first assignment from the “VicciiWorld” Infinity Pool take place?

From 1 May 2014, the first partial assignment will take place according to the purchase date; after this, the partial assignment will take place weekly.

Why are there no webinars?

Webinars should be held for your new partners by the partners who are already registered.

Can I hold webinars or information events myself?

Every registered “VicciiWorld” partner can hold their own webinars and information events. However, to avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended that you have the required documentation checked by the “VicciiWorld” Support beforehand.

Can I create advertising materials myself?

You can create advertising materials yourself.However, to avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended that you have the documentation checked by the “VicciiWorld” Support beforehand.

Can I send mass emails or use promotional portals and Facebook, Twitter, etc. for advertising?

You can use all marketing measures available to you for advertising.

Will there be other business options (packages) in future?

The “VicciiWorld” homepage is being constantly developed and will also publish new offers. Likewise, in the next few weeks or months, there will be additional Business Packages.

Someone in the downline ordered a package previously as the sponsor – will the commissions be credited until this person orders his package?

Yes, no commissions are lost. After successfully registering, you can immediately start distributing the packages and the commissions will be credited.

Why is there no commission for the Viccii Card Package?

Every business partner will also receive commissions for the “VicciiCard” package. Only “Viccii Card” holders are unable to receive commissions – these must first upgrade to one of the Business Packages.

Where can I find my access details?

Upon successful registration, you will receive an email from the “VicciiWorld” Support containing your “VicciiWorld” access details

Where can I change my password?

You can change your password on your profile page on the “VicciiWorld” website.

Where and how can I upgrade to a higher package?

You can upgrade to a higher Business Package at any time on the “VicciiWorld” website.

Where and how can new partners be registered?

Every new partner can also register themselves, specifying the sponsor name, on the “VicciiWorld” website.

Where can I find the Affiliate Marketing Plan?

On the “VicciiWorld” website, there is an “Affiliate Programme” button – click this button for the Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Can I recruit new friends immediately after registering?

You can recruit new friends immediately after successful registration.

Where can I get an overview of the commissions I have already earned?

From 31 March 2014, your own web back office will be available to you on the “VicciiWorld” website. There, you will be able to find a detailed breakdown of all of the commissions you have earned.

How do I receive my commissions?

You can request your available commissions for pay-out at any time and have them transferred to your “VicciiPay” Master Card “in real time” (0-24 hours).

If I get the Fast Start Bonus, can I redeem it in cash, too?

The “Fast Start Bonus” cannot be redeemed for cash.

If I get one of the vehicles from the “VicciiMobile” Bonus, can I redeem it in cash, too?

The “VicciiMobile” Bonus cannot be redeemed for cash.

If I have already got one of the small cars, can I then get a vehicle from the higher middle class, too?

You can get an unlimited amount of vehicles, but you must fulfil the prerequisites each time. This means that if you already received a small car for 600 partners, you require 2000 new partners as specified in the offer in order to receive a vehicle from the higher middle class.

Is there a time limitation for the “VicciiMobile” Bonus?

There are no time limitations for the “VicciiMobile” Bonus.

Does the E-Bike or vehicle that I have won become my property?

All vehicles that you win as part of the bonus campaigns become your absolute property. You become the sole owner of the vehicle.

What is the “VicciiPay” Payment System and the “VicciiPay” Master Card?

The “VicciiPay” Payment System with the “VicciiPay” Master Card is a cooperation (co-branding) between the companies EELSA Limited, based in Cyprus, and Optimal Payments Limited, based in England and Barclays Bank (UK) as the bank partner. “VicciiPay” is a trademark registered in Cyprus; the registration for Europe has been requested. The worldwide protection of the brand will also take place shortly.

The goal of this cooperation is to provide all “VicciiPay” Master Card customers one of the most modern and innovative payment systems in future, thus bringing them success.

Can anyone get a “VicciiPay” Master Card?

Anyone can apply for a “VicciiPay” Master Card after their 18th birthday if they receive a recommendation from an already registered partner.

Nobody is excluded from getting a “VicciiPay” Master Card. There is no credit report necessary!

Can companies also get a card with an account and/or a business package?

Yes, even companies can get a “VicciiPay” Master Card and the Business Packages.

Can minors get a card, too?

No, minors can NOT get a “VicciiPay” Master Card, but they can receive a Partner Card from a registered partner.

Why do I need the “VicciiPay” Master Card?

The “VicciiPay” Master Card gives you the opportunity, in just a few weeks, to receive commissions and bonuses from all your activities relating to “Viccii” in real time (0-24 hours).

You can even pay in sums of money and soon also make international transfers with our own IBAN code.

What can I do with the “VicciiPay” Master Card?

At present, you can receive commissions and bonuses, make withdrawals at more than one million ATMs and make unlimited transfers in seconds from your “VicciiPay” Master Card to another “VicciiPay” Master Card. You can also pay in money, make purchases online and pay in all shops that accept Master Card.

Many more opportunities will follow in the coming weeks – look out for them in the description on the “VicciiWorld” homepage. www.vicciiworld.com

Why should I get a “VicciiPay” Master Card?

With the “VicciiPay” Master Card you can participate in the 6-level “VicciiWorld” affiliate programme and receive commissions for every package you purchase up to the 6th level.

From 1 May 2014, you will also receive commissions for all transactions made by your partners up to the 6th Level.

By getting a “VicciiPay” Master Card and participating in the 6-level affiliate programme, you will become part of a successful, productive, one-of-a-kind concept.

How can I pay into my “VicciiPay” Master Card?

You can pay into the following account, specifying your account number:

Optimal Payments Limited

Sort Code 20 - 30 - 19

Account Number 57852966

IBAN GB38 BARC 2030 1957 8529 66


Reference:Your account number

How high are the fees for using the “VicciiPay” Master Card?

Please see the fee table on the “VicciiPay” homepage www.vicciipay.com

Can I also apply for additional “VicciiPay” Master Cards?

You can apply for as many “Partner Cards” as you wish, and use these for your family and children. You can use the Partner Card as a gift voucher or use it to pay invoices from suppliers. Using the Partner Card is very versatile, making it a popular payment instrument.

Does the package price of €165.00 include the monthly fee for the first 12 months?

Yes, the package price of €165.00 includes the monthly fees for 12 months.

How high is the monthly fee from the 13th month?

The monthly account card fees are currently €7.00. Please see the current fee list

Where do I need to pay the fees for the card?

The card fee is deducted monthly directly from your card credit. If this results in a negative amount, this will be set off against the next credit entry.

Is it possible to set off the card fees against commissions?

It is not possible to set off the monthly fees, but you can transfer the corresponding amount from your commission credit to the card.

What is a V-Turbo Pack?

A V-Turbo Pack is to participate in the auction sales, and the generated traffic, and the resulting advertising revenue of all websites on VicciiWorld.

You are experiencing everyday 48 times from all the activities around VicciiWorld.

What does a V-turbo pack?

A V-turbo pack costs € 100, -. For the start you need at least 5 piece V-turbo package for € 500, -. Thereafter, the V-Turbo Packs are available separately.

How many V-Turbopacks I can buy the same time?

The number of V-Turbopacks is currently no limited.

How much can I earn with a V-Turbo Pack?

The surrender value is always € 130, -. This amount you earn 48 times a day, paid pro rata. After a period of 3-5 months you have received the entire amount, and the V-Turbo Pack expires worthless.

Can I buy the daily income new V-Turbo Packs?

You can use your income and commissions always buy new turbo V-packs, and therefore even better benefit from the V-Turbo Packs.

Can I withdraw the proceeds of the V-Turbo packs a day?

You can pay the returns and commissions from the V-Turbo packs a day, and can be transferred to your VicciiPay Mastercard.

Can I request payment on my bank account?

No, all payments are made on the VicciiPay Mastercard. You can obtain the www.vicciiworld.com or www.vicciipay.com

Do I still have something to do after buying the V-Turbo Packs?

Yes, you need to consume 6 ads daily after activate your pack. You can also within one month, € 300, - expand to 3 other partners make sales on the websites of VicciiWorld, or your business, so you need to consume any advertising for 30 days.

These conditions can also fulfill distributed. For example: € 100, - sales plus 2 new partners.

Can I cancel my V-Turbopacks too?

You can not cancel your V-turbo packs during the term. If you not purchase any more packets, the account will dissolve by itself.

If this results in additional costs for me?

No, this does not create additional costs.

I also have a risk or I may sustain a loss?

As in all business activities, the risk of loss can not be ruled out here. Accordingly, you should invest according to your economic situation. Please also read the Risk Disclosure on the website of VicciiWorld.

Is the term of the Turbo Packs always 3 to 5 months?

The running times given are for guidance only and are not eligible for accuracy. The term of the Turbopacks results from the actual sales of all websites Vicciiworld, as well as the resulting advertising revenue. This can lead to various maturities. Information on the running times can be made only on the basis of lessons learned, the underlying calculation, and without warranty.

Can I make a contribution to the success of the V-turbo packs itself?

Yes, you can even by selling products to friends and relatives, or by the expansion of the distribution network, increase the income of VicciiWorld, and so support the project.

I am next to consume the Advertise to other services committed?

No, they are obliged to any further benefits. You decide how active you are participating in V-Turbo Pack.

Will I receive commissions for recommending the V-Turbo Packs to friends, relatives and acquaintances?

You earn commissions according to the advertisers and affiliate program on Vicciiworld.

Is there a minimum age for participation in V-Turbo Pack?

The minimum age for participation in V-Turbo Pack is 18 years

INFORMATION!!! Currently all accounts are settled. This work will be completed by 15.05.2018. Further information will be provided after completion. YOU CAN ALSO LOGIN WITH YOUR ACCESS DATA! Team Viccii